Company Profile

Established in 1983, our Company has grown from meager beginnings to be recognized universally today as a reputable and reliable manufacturer of quality bags and holdalls and suppliers of all kinds of advertising and promotional items.

Sup-Prem's head office is based in Hong Kong where we carry our international marketing and sales, product development, and maintain administerial and material support to our China factory.

Sup-Prem (Asia) Ltd. has factory plant in China . Our handbag factory located at Dongguang is well equipped with advanced machinery with a work force of more than 1,000 skilful workers.

Our production line and equipment facilities together with our experience and expertise enable us to manufacture goods from complex leather executive and fashion items to simple nylon promotional articles.

We pride ourselves on our innovative concepts and creativity to produce leading items in many fields, taking the greatest awareness and use of new fabrics, accessories and embellishments to keep us ahead in this competitive industry.

Our Leather and bags division work closely with large importers, department stores, fashion stores, distributors, wholesalers from all over the world. Over the years, we have supplied leather items and bags to various leading brands. Some of these clients are:

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